come visit usThere is always something to be done with cattle if only twice-daily checking that they are all well and in their correct places. Both the Brue and Tom Buidhe Fold owners welcome visitors, groups and schools who have an interest in cattle and agriculture. To arrange and plan a suitable time for a visit please contact us first via the Contact information section of the website.

What to see?
The time of year will determine what you will be able to see during your visit and we are happy to discuss the best time with you which will best suit your interests, requirements and time available.

For example, during March/April, calving will be underway and although it is a favourite time to see young calves it may not be possible to get too close to them unless they are in a secure pen or in the byre.

Note: Although normally very docile and tolerant of people, Highland Cattle can be fiercely protective of their newly born calves. For this reason extreme care is necessary when approaching cows with calves in the Spring time. The Highland cow’s natural instinct is to hide and protect her calf by watching it from a distance after feeding it. If an animal or person is deemed to be a threat to her calf then the mother will take steps to remove the threat. Common sense is required at all times when near cattle, eg. dogs must be kept away from, or else on a short lead, when in the vicinity of grazing cattle.

July and August are always busy with harvest time and cattle being selected and prepared for the local Summer Shows usually at Barvas (West Side) and Carloway.

Winter and early Spring are good times to get closer to the cattle when they are given additional feed and hay twice daily.

As with all farm or croft visits, visitors must pay close attention to all notices which warn of dangers associated with being on the land or near machinery or stock buildings. Proper footwear should be worn which must be clean and suitable for emersion in the disinfectant footbaths provided in the interests of bio-security.