Tom Buidhe Fold: Cows and Calving Heifers

Màiri Bhuidhe 5th of Pennygown

Cow Name Màiri Bhuidhe 5th of Pennygown
Purchased Purchased from Pennygown October 2003
Colour Yellow
Ear Tag UKAR086300247  
DOB 5 March 2000
Sire Jock 2nd of Pennygown
Sire ID MAPE14 
Sire Colour Red
Dam Màiri Bhuidhe 2nd of Pennygown
Dam ID UKAR086300062  
Dam Colour Yellow

  2003/04 (1st calving) 2004/05 (2nd calving) 2005/06 (3rd calving)
Bull Dougald Prince of Killilan Lachlan 2nd of Auchnacraig Pìobaire Ruadh of Dunvegan
Ear Tag Yellow UKAR048600137  UK501401300054  
Bulling Date UKRC017200133   2 September 2004 26 July 2005
Calved 11 March 2004 10 June 2005 5 May 2006
Calf Name Uilleam Òg of Tom Buidhe Uilleam Òg 2nd of Tom Buidhe Uilleam Òg 3rd of Tom Buidhe
Sex Male Male Male
Colour White White Yellow
Ear Tag UK508196400002   UK508196600004   UK508196 700005
Gestation   9 months + 8 days 9 months + 10 days
Note Sold at 14 months at Perth Mart to Claggersnich  Fold (May 05) Sold as prime beef at 18 months (Nov 06) Sold as prime beef age 19 months (Nov 07)

  2006/07 (4th calving) 2007/08 (5th calving) 2008/09 (6th calving)
Bull Pìobaire Ruadh of Dunvegan Pìobaire Ruadh of Dunvegan Pìobaire Ruadh of Dunvegan
Ear Tag UK501401300054   UK501401300054   UK501401300054
Bulling Date 16 June 2006 23 May 2007 27 June 2008 (2nd time)
Calved 25 March 2007 8 March 2008 12 April 2009
Calf Name Ceit Na Mara Mona of Tom Buidhe Mairi Ruadh of Tom Buidhe
Sex Female Female Female 
Colour Yellow Yellow Red
Ear Tag UK 508196 300008   UK508196 2000014
Gestation 9 months + 9 days 9 months + 16 days  9 months and 15 days
Note Kept for Breeding Calf became very ill after 3 days and died 6 days later from suspected brain damage caused by e. coli and septicemia infections. Calf (6 months) sold at Dingwall and Highland Auction Mart in October 2009, to Strichen, Aberdeenshire, for £800.  Dam sold (in calf) at same sale to Worcestershire for £650.