Brue Highland Fold: Cows and Calving Heifers

Cow Name Caileag Bheag 17th of Callachally
Purchased Yearling purchased at Oban Sale, February 2001
Colour Yellow
Ear Tag UK54 1020 100 029
DOB 29 March 2000
Sire Dougald Prince of Killilan
Sire ID UKRC017200133 
Sire Colour Yellow
Dam Caileag Bheag 8th of Callachally
Dam Colour Red

  2003/04 (1st calving) 2004/05 (2nd calving) 2005/06 (3rd calving)
Bull Angus 4th of Dunvegan Rìoghail of Balmoral - AI Pìobaire Ruadh of Dunvegan
Ear Tag UK501401200018   BAQB2   UK501401300054  
Bulling Date 2 June 2003 7 August 2004 3 July 2005
Calved 12 March 2004 19 May 2005 14 April 2006 (Easter Friday)
Calf Name Caileag Bheag Bhan of Brue Calum Ruadh of Brue Crusoe of Brue
Sex Female Male Male
Colour White Red Red
Ear Tag Not registered UK505302100007 UK505302 400010
Gestation 9 months and 10 days 9 months and 12 days 9 months and 11 days
Note Calf died: 16 March 2004. Foster calf bought from Dunvegan Fold    
Foster Calf's Name Pìobaire Ruadh of Dunvegan    
Sex Male    
Colour Red    
Ear Tag UK501401 300054    
DOB 26 Feb 2004    
Note Bull calf kept for breeding until December 2009 – when sold privately to the Cladich Fold, Loch Awe, Argyll. Bull calf kept for breeding in Brue and Tom Buidhe Folds. Bull calf sold as 2-year at Oban’s February 2008 sale to the Allanfearn Fold, Strathpeffer, for £600 guineas.

  2006/07 (4th calving) 2007/08 (5th calving) Note
Bull Pìobaire Ruadh of Dunvegan Pìobaire Ruadh of Dunvegan

Fifth calver, 8-year old cow Caileag Bheag 17th of Callachally, died on 17 April 2008, five days after suddenly stopping to eat and despite four days of various veterinary treatments which offered no remedy.

Post mortem result showed an infection of her vagus nerve where it passed over the lungs. 

She had raised 3 bulls, one heifer and her three week old heifer calf (born 26 March 2008) was reared on calf crunch feed mix after refusing to suck milk from a bottle or drink milk from a bucket!

Ear Tag UK501401300054 UK501401300054
Bulling Date  21 June 2006  16 June 2007
Calved  09 April 2007 26 March 2008
Calf Name Eilidh nam Beann of Brue  Caileag nam Beann of Brue
Sex Female Female
Colour Red Red
Ear Tag UK505302 500011 UK505302200008
Gestation  9 months and 18 days! 9 months and 10 days
Note Kept for breeding Kept for breeding

Caileag Bheag 17th of Callachally Photographs

12 months
12 months
17 months
17 months
3 years
3 years
4 years
4 years

4 years
4 years
Caileag & Piobaire Ruadh of Brue
Caileag & Piobaire Ruadh of Brue
5 years
5 years
6 years
6 years

Caileag & Crusoe of Brue
Caileag & Crusoe of Brue