Brue Highland Fold: Cows and Heifers

Morag nam Beann of Brue

Name Mòrag nam Beann of Brue
Purchased Home bred
Colour Red
Ear Tag UK505302 500039
DOB 15 June 2013
Sire Rob Ruadh of Gartchonzie
Sire ID UK542734 400219
Sire Colour Red
Dam Caileag nam Beann of Brue
Dam ID UK505302 400017
Dam Colour Red

  2016/17 (1st calving)
Bull Siarach of Balmoral
Ear Tag UK521043 100388
Bulling Date 20 May 2016
Calved 05 March 2017
Calf Name Seoc nam Beann of Brue
Sex Male
Colour Red
Ear Tag UK505302 400052
Gestation 9 months and 13 days