Brue Highland Fold: Cows and Heifers

Name Fiona an Teallaich of Broad Bay
Purchased 2014
Colour Red
Ear Tag UK509441 100004
DOB 27 March 2013
Sire Alasdair Ruadh of Craigowmill
Sire ID UK541989 100462
Sire Colour Red
Dam Una of Borve
Dam ID UKIV0493 00035
Dam Colour Red

  2016/17 (1st calving)
Bull Siarach of Balmoral
Ear Tag UK521043 100388
Bulling Date not seen
Calved 04 March 2017
Calf Name MacAlasdair of Brue
Sex Male
Colour Red
Ear Tag UK505302 300051
Gestation not known
Note Calf had what appeared to be brain damage and didn’t survive