Brue Highland Fold: Cows and Heifers

Ceit an Eilein of Brue

Cow Name Ceit an Eilein of Brue
Purchased Home bred, sold in 2008 and then purchased back March 2016
Colour White
Ear Tag UK505302 600005
DOB 04 May 2006
Sire Pìobaire Ruadh of Dunvegan
Sire ID UK501401 300054
Sire Colour Red
Dam Seònaid 3rd of Crossnish
Dam ID UKIN174 200006
Dam Colour Yellow

  2016/17 (5th calving)
Bull Siarach of Balmoral
Ear Tag UK521043 100388
Bulling Date not seen
Calved 02 May 2017
Calf Name Seònaid an Eilein 2nd of Brue
Sex Female
Colour Yellow
Ear Tag UK505302 600054
Gestation not known
Note Ceit returned to fold in 2016 after 7 years with Rudha na Sìthean Fold