Sold: Brighde of Tom Buidhe

Brighde of Tom Buidhe

Heifer's Name Brighde of Tom Buidhe Check Full Pedigree
Ear Tag UK508196 300015
DOB 23 March 2010 (3 year old)
Colour Red
Health Status From Premium Cattle Health Scheme herd. This heifer is tested free of Lepto, IBR, BVD and Johne’s – date of last PCHS test: 27 February 2013. The heifer is also tick acclimatized via natural immunity.
Comments Out-wintered, quiet, halter trained and free of bull.
  If the buyer would prefer, we can arrange to sell this heifer in calf to the Brue Fold’s stock bull - Rob Ruadh of Gartchonzie (Ear Tag: UK542734 400219).
  UK mainland delivery can be arranged.
Heifer's Dam Floraidh of Tom Buidhe
Ear Tag UK508196 100006
Dam's Mother Caileag Bheag 22nd of Pennygown
Dam's father Piobaire Ruadh of Dunvegan
Heifer's Sire Calum Ruadh of Brue
Ear Tag UK505302 100007
Sire's mother Caileag Bheag 17th of Callachally
Sire's father Rioghail of Balmoral

Brighde of Tom Buidhe
Brighde of Tom Buidhe
Brighde of Tom Buidhe